UNEX’s Innovative Balustrades Define the Aesthetic at NXN Kingsland Apartments

Discover the pinnacle of design and functionality in the NXN Kingsland project, where UNEX's cutting-edge balustrade solutions, including the sleek Siena Framed Glass Balustrade and innovative 3D scanning technology, contribute to the distinctive charm of 73 design-led apartments and five townhouses.


In the heart of Riccarton, Christchurch, the Kainga Ora Riccarton Rd Project was poised to revolutionize multi-residential living. With 15 one-bedroom units and 5 one-bedroom units with carer facilities, this three-story project held the promise of redefining the local landscape. This case study delves into the intricacies and innovations that underpinned this remarkable transformation.

A unique offering of 73 design-led apartments and five townhouses. 

Products Used:

Unex’s expertise was drawn on by the Developer and Contractor to provide a suitable solution. UNEX Siena Framed Glass Balustrade was the answer. Featuring a unique 3-sided frame, the Siena’s full-pane glass infill spans from post to post providing an elegant and sophisticated atheistic.

It was an honour to be part of the NXN Kingsland project in the capacity of designing, engineering, and project management of the 630LM of balustrading at this unique design-led apartment building with curved frontage in Kingsland.

Included in this large-scale project were Ascot Balustrading to Internal Stairs, Handrailing and Arena Points Frameless Glass Balustrade to the Eastern Façade and Internal Stair.

The Nixon Central apartment building included a 10-flight staircase and our 3D Scanner scanned the entire structure with an extremely accurate tolerance of plus-or-minus 1mm over 10m.  Once completed, it takes around two hours to process the scan and produce the 3D blueprint, at which point the Unex team can begin the design process before moving the specs on for fabrication of the chosen balustrades. Thanks to this technology, the 10-Flight staircase was installed within a day.

Project Address: 8-14 Kingsland Terrace
Builder: Dominion Constructors
 Templeton Group
Dulux Duratec Metro Coal Dust

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