Colours to frame your home

Choosing the colour and surface finish for your Balustrade, Handrail or Screen is a crucial part of the design process. It is important that you choose the right product for the right application to ensure the life of your surface finish.

The UNEX ColourScape™ range is a quality decorative selection of surface finishes for aluminium balustrades, screens and handrails. There are no less than 36 powder coated options in our popular ColourScape™ range, plus over 100 more to choose from in matt, gloss, satin, flat, pearlescent and textured finishes. It means that whatever look you’re after, our range of colours can easily complement any of your existing colours of cladding, roof and gutters. ColourScape™ is designed to protect your aluminium joinery and retain the colour integrity for at least 15 years.* That’s down to a high UV tolerance, designed to withstand the harsh New Zealand climate.

Why powder coating?
Aluminium is an excellent material for use in joinery and construction. But, while it is a naturally resilient surface, it still needs some protection from the elements. There are several ways to protect architectural aluminium such as anodising and powder coating. Choosing a powder coated aluminium finish will give your project both a stylish and durable look. A powder coat finish is also safe for the environment as well as being safe for those involved in its application. The application process is free of solvents.

Enhance your home
The UNEX ColourScape™ range of inspiring colours has been created especially for powder coated aluminium joinery. With colours that reflect modern design trends, the range provides you with the flexibility to either complement or enhance the individual style of your home.

Your perfect colour solution
From the pureness of snow-driven whites to soft rich creams, dramatic reds and soothing blues, there’s a colour just right for you and your home. Our impressive range of permanent colours makes the important decision of colour selection easy and failsafe. You’ll know you’ve made the perfect choice.

Seamless colour transition
Complement your choice of colours on windows and doors to any other colour you want. You may follow the theme that has been applied to the exterior of your house or allow the interior colours to take the lead. Match the roof, make a feature of special areas, blend into the natural surroundings, stand out from the crowd… the decision is yours.

Long lasting colours
When you are choosing your colour it is important to remember that different colours and finishes will perform differently depending on the aspect and environment. You may want to consider, for example, lighter colours for locations exposed to high UV levels to get the best performance from your powder coated joinery.

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