Introducing The New UNEX Commercial Supply Partner Program

Commercial projects are prone to higher risk
profile due to the higher value of the contract
works and a high number of sub-trades involved in
delivering the project.

Additionally, they have differing requirements from
most residential projects, including:

  • Complex design and fixing requirements that interface with the façade design.
  • Tight program constraints.
  • Contractual obligations, often including retentions and other provisions to protect the Principal and Head Contractor.
  • A high level of on-site project management skills.
  • Specialist installation skills.

The UNEX Commercial Supply Partner Program is a newly defined process to manage these specific requirements for these commercial projects.


UNEX works closely with a network of partners in a systematic and structured way. The spirit of partnership forges a unique combination of skill-sets and synergies for optimal results.

UNEX provides the overarching design and technical expertise, while the Commercial Supply Partner provides hands-on project management and site labour, with proximity and logistical efficiencies.

Wherever your project is in New Zealand, UNEX is your reliable provider, offering a design-to-install service with our Commercial Supply Partners in each region.

Our mission is to simplify every challenge, deliver a quality product and ensure peace-of-mind for every stakeholder in the process.

Key Benefits

UNEX’s Commercial Supply Partner program is all about reducing risks to the stakeholders involved, and brings the following key benefits to the project:

Supply Reliability

With the infamous cyclic nature of the building industry in New Zealand, we have witnessed time and again the pressure this places on the supply chain, fabricating facilities and project management resources. UNEX’s methodology enables us to tap into a far broader range of resources and skills which can significantly reduce the risk of supply pressures.

Design Expertise

Having specialized almost exclusively in this field since the 1980’s, UNEX’s experience in designing solutions for even the most complex of projects is unparalleled in New Zealand.

Localized Management

As opposed to centralized management, the UNEX process is able to utilize manufacturing and management skills that are based within an economic proximity of the site, which facilitates the smooth flow and reaction to the countless communications that are needed in the successful overall delivery of commercial projects.

Supplementary Capabilities

UNEX will recommend the selection of a Commercial Supply Partner that is best suited to each specific project. Usually, this will enable a complementary range of skills to be available to the Head Contractor, such as glazing skills for showers and splashbacks, or architectural metalwork skills for the wide range of ancillary metal products that go into such projects.

For product information, or to discuss your project, please get in touch today.

Please Note: Some PS1 specifications are currently being updated and are not available for download.

Please contact us for assistance at tech@unex.co.nz.

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