Compliance made easy

UNEX takes the pain and guesswork out of the compliance process for specifiers, architects and developers by providing pre-engineered, site-specific balustrade solutions for even the most extraordinary builds. From fixture to rail, we provide customers with unique, pre-compliant, complete solutions through our nationwide network of authorised fabricators.

Step-by-step guide

With our newly launched website, Ezispec now works differently. But as with all change, there are new things to learn and to make it easier to understand, we have outline the steps on how Ezispec has changed although it still provides a PS1 for the style of balustrade required. The intention is to offer users greater flexibility and selection across all our balustrade styles and rail types which can now be interchanged.

Step 1

Ezispec is now “logged in” across the the entire website globally by clicking the Login button in the main navigation bar.

Step 2

Once “logged in” the ability to do so again is now blocked. The button will switch to “Logout”.

Step 3

Now that Ezispec is available for all the styles across the website, Choose your Product Category from the flyout menu.

Step 4

Then choose your Product Style within that Product Category.

Step 5

Decide which Rail Type you are specifying or using and then “Select a Fixing Method”. These can be found in greater detail from the flyout menu under Fabrication as well.

Step 6

Once a Fixing Method is selected the details necessary to complete a PS1 need to be entered into the form that opens.  Once you have filled out the information click on the Submit button, your PS1 will generate and download instantly into your Downloads Folder.

***One key to generating a PS1 is telling your browser that UNEX is a trusted website which you would have done for our previous website in the past. This can be done in the URL bar by clicking the pop-up blocker icon to allow the form script to compile the appropriate sections for a completed PS1. Instructions on how to do this on your chosen browser, either Google Chrome or Safari, are through the links.