BIM and CAD Support for Architects & Specifiers

At Unex, we're committed to delivering unparalleled support to our clients, ensuring seamless and efficient operations every step of the way. With our dedicated in-house CAD drafters and designers, we streamline the design process for your projects, ensuring precision and optimization.

Our team of technical experts and engineers stands ready to provide support and consultation on even the most unique projects, offering insights and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Compliance and Safety

All Unex products adhere to New Zealand building regulations, guaranteeing safety and compliance where required. Whether it's for your own home or for your clients, you can trust Unex products to keep everyone secure. Moreover, we've established a network of authorised fabricators and installers to ensure the seamless construction of our specified products on-site, providing additional peace of mind for architects, specifiers, and builders alike.

Technical Support for Architects, Specifiers, and Builders

For architects, specifiers, and builders, we offer a comprehensive suite of technical resources to facilitate the specification of Unex products in your design or building projects.

Our offerings include:

  • MASTERSPEC Branded Work Section: Access a dedicated section within MASTERSPEC for detailed information on Unex products, streamlining the specification process.
  • Technical Data and Revit Files: Find all the essential technical information and Revit files you need to specify Unex products accurately and efficiently.
  • BIM and CAD Support: Our team provides expert assistance and support for BIM and CAD integration, ensuring smooth collaboration and implementation in your projects.

If the specific detail you require is not available in our manuals, don't hesitate to consult our expert team. We're here to assist you in finding the right solutions for your project needs.



NZBC Building Product Information Requirement

In line with MBIE's updated Building Product Information Requirements (BPIR) effective from December 11, 2023, Unex is committed to demonstrating compliance as a manufacturer and supplier. Our dedicated webpage on our website caters exclusively to BPIR, providing comprehensive product information sourced from our updated Technical Data Sheets.


Partner with Unex

Ready to partner with Unex for your next project? Get in touch with our expert team today or call us on 0800 333 777. From inception to completion, we're here to support you every step of the way, ensuring the success and efficiency of your projects.

Modern Balustrade in New Zealand by UNEX Systems

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Please contact us for assistance at tech@unex.co.nz.

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