UNEX’s balustrade systems can be mounted to a wide variety of substrates

To add to this versatility, most styles can be mounted on the top of or to the side of the substrate. UNEX has a wide range of standardised pre-engineered solutions for various substrate types, commonly used for deck construction.

For a substrate that is outside our standard range, UNEX can potentially design a site-specific solution. Please feel free to reach out to our friendly Customer Services Team if you need technical assistance.

DKG2 mounting brackets

UNEX’s ability to engineer solutions for its customers has led us to develop some proprietary solutions for fixing balustrades. The DKG2 series gutter-bracket system is the ideal solution to side-mounting a balustrade to the face of a deck that also incorporates an external gutter. For use with UNEX Systems balustrades only, a wide range of style options are available to be mounted on this innovative system.

Custom variations of the DKG2 bracket can also potentially be manufactured, in conjunction with a site-specific design, to suit a particular substrate situation.

Here is a selection of our standard methods for attaching the balustrades to the substrate:

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