Site-Specific Design

Our engineering is the bedrock of what formed UNEX, with our painstaking thoroughness ensuring that every structural component of a UNEX balustrade meets or exceeds the requirements of the NZ Building Code. This is also the case for every new product we introduce. Our engineering team continually provides unique, one-off solutions for architects and the specifier who is looking to push the boundaries of ‘standard’ design. Our team can bring your ideas to life.

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Service & Support

At UNEX Systems, we believe that it’s not just all about the product – service and support to customers, architects, designers, councils and fabricators is very important, too. We strive to make dealing with UNEX Systems an enjoyable experience. Not only can we provide comprehensive technical specifications on standard details, but we can also provide site-specific designs when a situation is outside the textbook. This ethos of service and support runs throughout the company, whether it is routinely delivering in full and on time from month-to-month or the quick turnaround of quoting and estimation. These are services which UNEX operates by and which help build the long-term relationships that are the foundation of our business.

Testing For Safety

Our number one priority is safety of the end-user, giving you piece of mind. Engineering plays an integral part of balustrade design, as the product must comply with stringent legal requirements to withstand potential loads. UNEX Systems has a strong background in engineering design, giving us a leading edge in the market. Product is not only designed with experienced engineering expertise, but many items are physically tested as well. UNEX Systems has in-house facilities set up especially for testing balustrade products.