How to care for and maintain your balustrades

Even though UNEX balustrades are built out of high quality aluminium and toughened glass in order to withstand the worst conditions, to prolong the life of you balustrades we suggest a few key steps in order to make sure the life or your balustrades well exceed the 10-year warranty included with every UNEX balustrade system. We stand behind our product so you can continue to stand behind it as well.

Some quick and easy tips to be thinking about with your balustrades.

  1. Maintenance
    Be sure to have a look at the fixings where the balustrades connect to the house, balcony, deck, or walkway when you around the house out in the garden to be sure there are no apparant issues.
  2. Surface Finish
    Powdercoating and anodizing are incredibly durable costings or treatments. Be sure to look this over for areas of fading or nicks so they can be repaired, if possible, or replaced if starting to wear or is damaged.
  3. Care and Protection
    Protect the balustrades at all times from contact with:
    • Wet cement or plaster, paint splashes, chemicals, solvents, stains and
    fertilisers. If contact does occur, remove the contaminant immediately
    and wash as described below.
    • Copper, brass, lead, mild steel, CCA treated timber, cement or concrete less than 1 month old, and water which has contacted any of these substances.
  4. Cleaning
    We recommend balustrade and its fixing points be cleaned down at least every six months. In areas where pollutants are common such as industrial or geothermal areas, and for all sites within 1 km from the sea cleaning should be carried out more frequently as required, but not less than every three months

These 4 key points a guides on how to look after your balustrades so they will last the lifetime of your home. These are even more detailed Cleaning Instructions on how to remove dust, dirt, and salt spray.