UNEX balustrade for commercial mixed use space in Wanaka.

The Northlake Commercial Project: Balancing Complexity and Innovation

A Journey Through the Intricacies of Design and Collaboration.

In the Heart of North Wanaka: Redefining Architectural Brilliance:

In the picturesque setting of North Wanaka, a groundbreaking project emerged, redefining the limits of architectural brilliance and functional design. Led by Cook Brothers Construction and featuring the engineering prowess of UNEX Systems, this project stands as a testament to meticulous planning and innovative thinking in modern construction.

UNEX Systems: Pioneering Balustrade Engineering

UNEX Systems, renowned for their engineering expertise in aluminium balustrade systems, was instrumental in this project. Their diverse product range, including the versatile Hampton, Finline, and Topline styles, met the bespoke aesthetic and functional requirements of the Northlake complex with finesse.

Site Specific PS! for custom balustrade in New zealand

Custom Balustrades: Merging Aesthetics with Functionality

The challenge was to design a balustrade system that not only complemented the building's aesthetics but was also functional and easy to install for our Commercial Supply Partner. UNEX's custom Hampton Style variation, with modifications to the bottom rails, led to seven unique designs and site specific PS1's. These variations maintained a coherent visual theme while accommodating the architect's visionary demands.

Complex Brief for Balustrades and Handrails: Meeting Multifaceted Needs

The task was formidable: supply a complete set of balustrades and handrails for a mixed-use space, each designed for both aesthetics and functionality. This required diverging from standard designs to meet specific architectural needs.

Efficiency in Fabrication and Installation: A Collaborative Approach

Aiming for efficiency, we introduced a new bottom rail design, focusing on ease of manufacture and installation. We partnered with several local engineering firms, streamlining various assembly and installation stages. This collaboration was vital for managing the large-scale fabrication efficiently.

Modern Balustrade in New Zealand by UNEX Systems

Innovative Solutions and Complex Substrate Fixings

The project demanded innovative solutions for complex fixings. Customized angle brackets for the solid bottom rails and concealed fixing channels were developed to maintain a sleek appearance. Exposed fixings were cleverly hidden, preserving the aesthetic integrity.

Collaboration and Creativity in Substrate Fixings

Certain aspects of substrate fixing were extraordinarily complex, requiring extensive collaboration between all stakeholders. This cooperative effort led to safe and workable solutions.

Safety and Aesthetics: The Addition of Inset Leada Handrails

The project also featured inset Leada handrails on external stairways, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. This addition showcased our commitment to functional design.

UNEX Balustrade in Wanaka NZ

Streamlining Fabrication with Local Partners

Our systematic collaboration with local partners combined unique skill-sets and synergies, optimizing results. UNEX provided overarching design and technical expertise, while our Commercial Supply Partner managed on-site aspects with efficiency.

A Testament to Quality and Collaboration

As we look at the completed Northlake Project, it stands as a testament to what can be achieved through collaboration, innovation, and a relentless commitment to quality. This project, blending style and functionality, will serve the Wanaka community for years to come.

Viewtec an authorized UNEX installer in Wanaka, assumed responsibility for fabrication and installation. For further insights into Viewtec and their impressive work, visit their website.

Please Note: Some PS1 specifications are currently being updated and are not available for download.

Please contact us for assistance at tech@unex.co.nz.

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