Unex Balustrade at Aroha Apartments Auckland

Aroha development enhanced with premium UNEX Hampton aluminium-framed balustrades

Situated in a thriving city space, Ockham Aroha Apartments embody that ideal city meets community environment where residents can enjoy modern living to the fullest.


From its exterior, it is easy to see that this contemporary building has had only the finest finishes added to its design, with both convenience and practicality in mind. This was certainly spurred on by the choice of materials, provided by the expert UNEX team.

During its initial design phase, the architects of Aroha needed a solution for high-quality balustrades that would not only provide safety for both the balcony areas, but also provide demarcation for the communal pool on the premises.

These solutions needed to be site-specific, ensuring that the final exterior design of Aroha would have a seamless look that ties into the unique character of this building.

Choosing UNEX was an easy choice for the architect team. With their signature approach to design and well-known reputation in the industry, they were a top consideration from the start for this high-end project.

Once the Ockham Aroha Apartments design team consulted with UNEX, the decision was made for balustrade solutions that would be top and side fixed to concrete.

UNEX’s new Hampton-style aluminium-framed balustrade was selected to complete the project. These balustrade options, known for their impeccable quality, were exactly what the design team was looking for. These UNEX-exclusive designs offer a minimalistic yet striking look, as well as an efficient fin-style balustrade. This ensures that the balustrades do not obstruct views, while still providing a level of privacy and security for balconies and other areas.

A total of 540 lineal meters of balustrade were installed, which included several site-specific PS1s.

These site-specific PS1s (Producer Statements) are crucial as part of the UNEX engineering process, especially for the new Hampton-style balustrades.

As specialists in site-specific PS1s, UNEX ensures structural integrity as well as compliance with building regulations by law. Each integration is unique to the site and project worked on, which is vital to give clients peace of mind that safety and durability are assured once the balustrades are fixed to their planned settings.

Also, the PS1 balustrades serve as proof that their designs are suited for the specific sites where they are added on, and that they comply with all legal requirements.

For Aroha, all site conditions were considered for the custom balustrades provided, including structural requirements and the relevant building codes and regulations. This attention to detail is evident in the apartment block’s final design, where the balustrades seamlessly meld into the design theme of this building.

Whether residents are relaxing at home or next to the pool at their complex, they can enjoy beautiful balustrade designs that give their place of residence a perfectly polished, premium feel. These signature features are designed to last, and thanks to the collaboration between the UNEX and architecture team, they offer that promise of security and up-to-date, high-quality solutions that delivered on what was envisioned for the Aroha design.

For more information on Site Specific Designs give the team a call at 0800 333 777.

Please Note: Some PS1 specifications are currently being updated and are not available for download.

Please contact us for assistance at tech@unex.co.nz.

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