Safety First: St. Thomas School Secured with UNEX Extreme Barrier

St. Thomas School undergoes a transformation with the installation of UNEX's cutting-edge Extreme Barrier, ensuring a secure environment for students and staff.

A Modern Makeover

Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, the project involved demolishing Block 1A and erecting a new two-story, 12-classroom teaching block. A-Line Construction's expertise ensured a seamless transition from vision to reality.

Safety Redefined: UNEX X3000 Extreme Balustrade

To elevate safety and design, UNEX introduced the X3000 Extreme Balustrade. Tailored for schools, it boasts a 90mm wide base suite and a pre-compliant design that exceeds standards, meeting C5 of AS/NZS 1170.1 with a 3.0kN/m top-edge load. It's engineered for peace of mind in public and crowded areas.

Connected Learning Space

St. Thomas School prioritized connectivity. External and internal linkways seamlessly integrate the new block with existing structures, creating a unified and collaborative learning environment.

In conclusion, St. Thomas School represents the success of collaboration and innovation. UNEX, A-Line Construction, and the Ministry of Architecture have crafted more than classrooms; they've created a secure, connected space where education thrives. As students step into this new chapter, they step into a future designed for inspiration and achievement.