Elevating Nixon Central: UNEX’s Balustrade Perfection

Discover the seamless integration of Finline Postless and Surreal Semi-Frameless Glass, contributing to the swift success of this boutique development by Southside Investment Group and renowned Paul Brown Architects.


Nixon Central, a dynamic development in Kingsland, witnessed the seamless integration of architectural brilliance and UNEX's expertise. Partnering with the Southside Investment Group, this boutique project, designed by the renowned Paul Brown Architects, showcased 16 apartments, each adorned with UNEX's exceptional balustrade solutions – the modern Finline Postless and the sophisticated Surreal Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade.

The resounding success of Nixon Central was evident as all units sold out before construction even commenced. UNEX's commitment to timely delivery and exceptional standards, coupled with Paul Brown's architectural finesse, resulted in a residential masterpiece.

Products Redefining Excellence

UNEX Finline Postless Balustrade and Surreal Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade took center stage, elevating Nixon Central's design. These products not only met but surpassed the aesthetic and safety standards expected in a development of this caliber.

Nixon Central stands as a testament to the success of collaboration and innovative design. UNEX, proud to be a part of this project, contributed to a development that not only sold out swiftly but also represents the epitome of modern living in Kingsland.