Guiding you safely

Handrails to guide you on stairs and ramps are an important safety feature. This is especially so for elderly or disabled persons who might need a little extra support in these situations.

There are also legal regulations around handrail shapes and sizes, depending on the classification of the stairway or ramp. When choosing a handrail, consult the experts.

There are so many ways a handrail can be fixed to a post or wall. Below are some of the more common types to give you an idea of what is possible but we almost challenge you to give us situation where we can’t provide a handrail to suit your needs. Whether it is on your own home or in a 40 unit block over 8 floors with multiple stairwells, our bespoke engineering and flexible options can meet any requirement.

LRR Rail

LRS Side Rail

VRE Side Rail

VRT Side Rail


Features of UNEX handrails include:

  • Brackets are made from 316L Stainless Steel which is less susceptible to tarnishing
  • Non-welded for smooth, continuous, and customised lengths which are faster and easier to install
  • Brackets are available in polished finish or can be powdercoated to match aluminium rails
  • Compliant with D1/AS1 for accessible stairways using the LRR & LRS profiles (below)
LBWC Handrail style
LBWN8 flat handrail style
LCYQ corner handrail style
LRWG round side-mounted handrail style
LRTT round, top-mounted handrail style
LRWN10 round side-mounted handrail style example