Torbay School

UNEX’s heavy-duty ‘Finline’ postless balustrades were specified for balconies and stairways at Torbay School’s new modern teaching block.

Products Used:

The building features six classrooms on the ground floor and six on the top floor with external stairwells on two sides of the building. There is also a large first floor balcony, and an additional smaller balcony on the rear of the building with a sink for students to wash paint brushes and other equipment. Balustrades were needed for all these areas to meet Ministry of Education guidelines and keep students and staff safe.

Working with UNEX, the GHD Woodhead team specified 100LM of the heavy-duty ‘Finline’ postless balustrade for the project. Custom vertical 60 x 16mm aluminium fins were fixed along a channel system for both balustrades and stairs, with an interlinking side rail fixed off fins at stairs. The modern, vertical style of Finline makes it an ideal choice for adding visual interest to buildings, and offers options for side fixing. In this case the channel system was side fixed to steel PFC using M8 bolts via aluminium cylindrical spacers.

For Torbay School, the quality product and detailed level of support has resulted in sleek balustrades that meet Ministry of Education requirements and keep children safe while providing a warmer, more architectural look for the new classroom block.

St Thomas School

St Thomas School is one of several projects that our team at Unex have completed for the Ministry of Education. Designed by Ministry of Architecture and built by A-Line Construction, the project involved the demolition of the existing Block 1A and replacing it with a new two storey 12 classroom teaching block. The School prioritised a connected space which has successfully been achieved linking the new build to surrounding buildings via both external and internal linkways.

Products Used:

The 3000 SERIES is ideal for schools, retail, sports facilities, theatres and hospitality, with framed baluster or framed glass options available.  Its 90mm wide base suite and pre-compliant design (meets C5 of AS/NZS 1170.1 with a 3.0kN/m top-edge load) is pre-engineered for maximum peace of mind in public and crowded areas.