Wellington Residence

Vetro Balustrade

Unex Gutter Brackets were ideal for fixing the balustrade of this Wellington residence, without piercing the waterproof membrane of the deck. Located near the Wellington Harbour entrance, this impressive residence displays magnificent views of the surrounding bush and harbour. The owners required a compliant glass balustrade that would complement their outdoor living area, enabling them to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

The Challenge

Like many homes in New Zealand, this residence had waterproof decking, external gutters and a room beneath the deck. Fixing a compliant balustrade would usually be very difficult. The Unex DKG Gutter Brackets were an ideal fixing solution.

The Solution

The Unex Gutter Bracket was used to fix the vertical balustrade posts to the side of the house. As this fixing system can be used in conjunction with any of the Unex proprietary balustrade systems with posts, the Vetro Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade was selected.

An Authorised Unex Fabricator, worked closely to coordinate timing with other parties throughout the installation process. The balustrade was mounted behind the drip edge and does not pierce the waterproof membrane, making it a compliant balustrade solution. In addition, the external gutter is fixed underneath, independent of the balustrade, which conceals the balustrade bracket. This makes for added flexibility with the choice of gutter.

End Result

The end result is an outstanding compliant balustrade for an impressive residence. DKG Gutter Brackets are a fully compliant and proprietary solution for mounting a balustrade to a waterproof deck, and have been used on hundreds of projects throughout New Zealand in recent years.