The Citizen

Postless Balustrade

Completed in 2018, The Citizen was a property developed by the urbancollective in Newton, Auckland. This building was not only unique in the architecture used to extend and expand on top of an existing office building but also selective in the materials and fixtures used aiming at discerning clientele. By expanding out to one side and extending to the rear of the property lot, an atrium space was created whereby each level of apartments surrounded this opening. And this is where UNEX's Finline balustrade style was used extensively to meet the demands of creating a space with distinctive points of difference.

The jet black fins of UNEX's Postless Balustrade style minimally obscure the penthouse views but also create a solid comb of privacy from the street and side-on views. The installation of this style was used on external balconies for each unit on the 5 floors of The Citizen along with the internal walkways. And on the ground level, this style doubled as stylish fencing to secure the bottom units.