Mount View Village

Vetro Balustrade

UNEX provided a smart balustrade design to solve the challenge of floating decks and external gutters on the Mount View Village Apartments. Mount View Village is a large, multi-housing development nestled in the heart of Mount Eden, Auckland. The development is currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment, and the team at UNEX provided a smart solution for the balustrade requirements.

The building posed some challenges, as it had floating decks and external gutters. The balustrade was required to conceal the gap between the floating and membrane deck. UNEX worked extensively with Shanahan Architects to come up with a solution. An ingenious post fixing, and the suspension of glass down to the bottom of the deck, concealed both the floating deck and the external gutter. Posts were set back from the corners to add another interesting dimension to the project.

For aesthetic purposes, a concealed fixed post was utilised, ensuring that no balustrade fixings were visible. There was no lower rail, which provided clean visual lines, and will keep the balustrades free from obstructions such as leaves. 'Safa-Slat', a horizontal slat balustrade by UNEX, was installed for privacy purposes between courtyards, and also from passers-by.

The end result displays the balustrade expertise that the UNEX team are able to offer. Blending their design flair, in-house engineering expertise and experience with balustrades, UNEX has produced a compliant solution. This addresses all key criteria while enhancing the functional and visual appeal of the Mount View Village.