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Unex Systems is an established 2nd generation family business specializing in providing building specifiers, owners and constructors with compliant, innovative and pre-engineered proprietary building products and systems – providing complete solutions and peace of mind.

Our commitment is to being a world class supplier of architectural barrier solutions - through innovation, a diverse product range, and providing a level of support that is second to none.

At Unex Systems, doing business with integrity is of paramount importance. We will consistently be governed by the principles of honesty and sincerity.

Providing service and support that is ‘second to none’ is a primary objective. Our endeavour is to exceed our customers’ expectations for everything they have need of.

We have an intense commitment to innovation, and are continually striving to develop innovate solutions to meet the complexities and changing needs of today’s marketplace.

We have a strong tradition of engineering design and support. This means we can not only provide pre-compliant options for everyday circumstances, but step beyond the conventional and offer solutions for even the most extraordinary circumstance.

We have a sincere commitment to the community, and a desire to contribute significantly to improving the education and living standards of our society.

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