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The Ultimate Solution for Side Mounting Balustrades to decks with external gutters

The registered DKG series gutter bracket system has been designed to offer homeowners, builders and architectural specifiers with an innovative solution to mounting an external gutter with a side mounted balustrade system.
For use with Unex system balustrades only, a wide range of style options are available to be mounted on this innovative system which does away with the need for an internal gutter.  Along with this, the DKG incorporates many other design features to ensure a safe and durable product that can be used with confidence in even some of the most demanding circumstances.

Attached before the drip edge and gutters are installed, consideration needs to be given with respect to the positioning of the DKG bracket in conjunction with the particular gutter and clipping system used. The guttering system used will require an internal clipping system and is attached to packers which allow it to pass in front of the DKG flange, therefore is not in any way attached directly to the bracket.

The DKG Bracket system is distributed throughout NZ and Australia by a network of authorised fabricators and installers.
Unex Systems is a specialist supplier of a large range of proprietary architectural balustrade products. Unex Systems provides comprehensive technical support and pre-engineered compliance documentation for a wide variety of building applications.

With in-house engineering expertise, full technical back-up is available for architectural specifiers, including
site-specific engineered designs for non-standard fixing details.
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Other fixing details are also available


90 Degree corners

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Can be done with a single corner post. For internal corners a standard DKG2-014 bracket can be used by attaching to the face of the deck on one side of the corner. An external corner can be done with the DKG90-043 corner bracket with the 50 mm square post top mounted to the bracket via the specially designed BSGF baseplate.



Non 90 Degree corners

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Require a double post with a floating/cantilevered panel between. Post and brackets will need to be set approximately 250mm back from the center of the mitre to the centre of the post on each side of the mitre. Careful consideration will need to be given to ensure the suspended/floating panel can take the loads required, such as structurally glazing any glass at the corner and into the post if applicable, cantilevering any top rails over the posts, welding or gusseting rail miters, etc...
Custom brackets (ZDKG) can also be requested.




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AESTHETIC APPEAL: Depending on the gutter profile selected the DKG bracket can be mostly concealed to give a minimalistic appearing fixing detail

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ADAPTABLE: The DKG gutter bracket system has been designed to be adapted to a wide range of circumstances and substrates including; floating decks, membrane timber, steel beams and concrete. 

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PRE-ENGINEERED: Unex Systems has completed comprehensive engineering calculations and specifications to ensure this product can be used, in conjunction with our styles, with confidence to meet the stringent structural requirements of the Building Code, including AS/NZS 1170.1:2002

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COST EFFECTIVE: Due to its innovative design allowing for a balustrade and gutter to be side mounted within the same space it does away with the complication and need to design and build a deck with both an internal gutter and the supporting substrate to attach a balustrade



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View other fixing methods

Please note however, that as NZ’s sole specialist balustrade manufacturer with qualified in-house engineering expertise, we are able to custom design a fixing method to suit your unique requirements. For assistance with this, contact us with details of your requirements.