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Even on a fine and sunny day an unpredictable breeze can ruin a much anticipated outdoor event. Alfresco Glass Screens from UNEX are an ideal solution!

Ideal for high-end outdoor living spaces, this latest innovative system is designed so you can create a useable outdoor room for all year round. These movable, frameless glass screens are visually inconspicuous, can negotiate corners with ease and then fold out of the way – so the outdoors can be enjoyed at any time, any season!

A product from Clear Edge Glass Systems, these screen systems are manufactured and exclusively distributed throughout New Zealand by UNEX.

Features of Alfresco Glass Screens include: 

Bullet Point Multiple configurations available – straight, around corners, open inwards or outwards, open left, right or both ways
Bullet Point Suitable for heights up to 2800mm
Bullet Point Flush track option to prevent trip hazards
Bullet Point Sleek aluminium frame
Bullet Point Lock mechanism available – an additional security feature for your home, but can also be used for shop fronts
Bullet Point Stocked and fabricated in NZ
Bullet Point Uses Safety Toughened Glass at 10mm, 12mm or 15mm thick
Bullet Point The system is top-hung so requires an overhead roof/louver structure, suitable to support the loads transferred from the glazing

For further information on Alfresco Glass Screens, please view more details here. 

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Screens can give you that additional protection you need to maximize the benefit of your outdoor living faculties.  Whether you need protection from the elements of nature, or protection from the unwelcome attention of your neighbours(!), a screen can enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor living area.

To achieve this result, a solid or almost solid infill panel is usually required, and often at a height that exceeds what is needed if solely for a balustrade or pool fence.  This is why you need to select a product from Unex Systems.  We have the in-house engineering expertise to design a screen that can withstand the extraordinary loads that over height screens must withstand.  We have New Zealand’s most comprehensive range of profiles and components to choose from, which enables us to provide you with attractive yet fully engineered proprietary screen at a cost effective price.

Some examples of materials that are entirely compatible with our systems, and can be used to great effect are:
Bullet Point Sāfa-Slat Panels
Bullet Point Glass
Bullet Point Tinted or Obscure Glass
Bullet Point Perforated Metal

Most of our products and styles are versatile enough to be used for screening requirements.  A brief summary of the product ranges that are suitable for use as over height screens are;

Aluma Balustrades

A stylish range of quality framed and semi-frameless styles, constructed principally from aluminum, or aluminium and glass.  This brand of products is fabricated and installed throughout New Zealand by a network of balustrade and screen specialists.  Contact Unex for an Aluma fabricator near to you.

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Eclipse Balustrades

As with the Aluma range, this suite of products consists of high quality framed and semi-frameless styles.  However, these products have their own distinctive rail profiles and appearance, and are distributed throughout New Zealand by a separate network of balustrade and screen specialists. Contact Unex for an Eclipse fabricator near to you.

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