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Pool fences are a mandatory requirement of New Zealand law. Clause 4.3.3 of the New Zealand Building Code states that: “Swimming pools having a depth of water exceeding 400 mm, shall have barriers provided”.  (The Building Code does allow for some exemptions to this as per section 5 of the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987.  However, these will not generally apply to private pools on residential properties).

When it comes to protecting the valuable lives of our adventurous young children, you can’t afford to sacrifice quality, safety and durability.  Our pool fence products give you the assurance you need on all these features, and yet still look great!

Our products are versatile enough to be used for virtually any pool fence requirement.  A brief summary of Unex’s products that are suitable for use as pool fences are;

Aluma Balustrades

A stylish range of quality framed and semi-frameless styles, constructed principally from aluminum, or aluminium and glass.  This brand of products is fabricated and installed throughout New Zealand by a network of balustrade and pool fence specialists.  Contact Unex for an Aluma fabricator near to you.

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Eclipse Balustrades

As with the Aluma range, this suite of products consists of high quality framed and semi-frameless styles.  However, these products have their own distinctive rail profiles and appearance, and are distributed throughout New Zealand by a separate network of balustrade and pool fence specialists. Contact Unex for an Eclipse fabricator near to you

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Arena Balustrades

A collection of frameless glass styles, this prestigious range of products is distributed throughout New Zealand by both glazing companies, and balustrade / pool fence specialists. Contact Unex for an Arena pool fence supplier near you

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