A number of accessories are available to complement the Eclipse Vogue range of styles;

Pedestrian Gates.

A matching pedestrian gate can be constructed from the same profiles to provide you with a gate that attractively matches your balustrade or pool fence.  Additionally, there is a wide range of compatible hardware to suit your needs; self closing hinges, butt hinges, side-pull latches, top-pull latches, and more!

Eclipse Accessories Image



All rail profiles, both top rails and lower rails, have an option of using wall plates to attach the rails directly to walls or columns.  This attachment method can be used to save costs, to provide additional rigidity, or simply to minimize any obstruction from unnecessary posts.

Aluma Accessories Image

Decorative Motif’s.

There are three decorative motif’s that can be used to enhance the appearance of your balustrade, typically to complement the timeless Mediterranean style of architecture.

Eclipse Accessories Image Eclipse Accessories Image Eclipse Accessories Image