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Integrating function with style. Eclipse Vogue Balustrades can provide you with a balustrade, pool fence or screen that will fulfill all your functional needs, and yet enhance the value of your property with styles of simple and clean-cut design. Custom made to virtually any deck shape, Eclipse Vogue Balustrades provide durable aluminium solutions to meet your requirements.

Eclipse Vogue Balustrades have a range of four popular handrail profiles. These are as shown below.


#VRT Top Rail. This D-Shaped profile, softened with well-rounded corners and gently radiussed sides, provides a very comfortable grip. This timeless profile will complement a wide range of contemporary architectural styles.

#VRE Top Rail. This narrow yet sturdy profile gives a modern and sleek appearance, with minimal obstruction to your view. This popular handrail profile will suit a wide range of architectural styles.

#VRR Top Rail. This rectangular profile is particularly suited to architecture which favours the square, modular, minimalist style, often associated with a mono-pitch roof and metallic finishes. It is well suited to a high metallic content silver powdercoat, or a natural anodised finish, but can be used with any available colour of your choice.

#ART Top Rail. This aero-dynamically shaped profile offers a very sleek alternative. It is among the most popular handrail shapes available with its narrow appearance giving a very modern and attractive appearance.

Combine your preferred handrail profile with the panel infill of your choice…Baluster styles, Glass styles, Semi-frameless styles, and Sāfa-Slat styles. If desired, select too from our popular range of accessories