Home Deck Construction


Save $$$$! - It is important to note that the construction of a suitable substrate can make a significant impact on the installed cost of a balustrade or pool fence etc. A well constructed deck to one of our popular configurations could mean larger post spacing’s, less materials, less installation time and therefore less cost.

The construction of a suitable substrate is vital to achieving a safe and satisfactory balustrade, pool fence or screen. It is very important that this substrate is designed to withstand the extraordinary loads that may be imposed by structures that are cantilevered from it.

To make it easy for you as a Specifier or Homeowner, Unex Systems has developed a large range of standard fixing specifications for attaching our products to decks, patio’s or pool surrounds. These specifications have been engineered and designed specifically for their purpose and cover a wide range of wind speeds for products with a solid infill such as glass.

All our fixing methods for pool fences, balustrades, screens and frameless glass has been divided into three main groups.

Please select the desired barrier fixing methods below, to obtain a broad overview of the important aspect of each type.

Deck construction details for timber decks can be downloaded below.

Timber Top-Mounted Construction Details Timber Side-Mounted Contruction Details