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Introducing the “ALFRESCO GLASS SCREENS" – an exciting new product from CLEAR EDGE GLASS SYSTEMS.  This is a retractable clear edged glass screen system for high-end outdoor living spaces! This is designed so your outdoor area can be enjoyed any day, any season.

This latest innovative system means you can create a useable outdoor room all year round, enclosing your balcony or alfresco area using glass screens that are fully retractable (including around corners), and open and stack at the end.  Download brochure for details or Contact Unex for further information.

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Arena AZS® Frameless Glass Side-Mounted Channel

ARENA #AZS® FRAMELESS GLASS SIDE-MOUNT CHANNEL is the latest innovation in frameless glass balustrade technology from Unex Systems. Are you looking for a frameless glass balustrade system with crisp clean lines that can blend into the balcony edge with no obtrusive exposed fittings? Enquire now from our friendly customer services team.


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The Tenor Apartments is situated in Albany, Auckland and features a Bespoke Unex Systems Balustrade on all its decks.  

Unex turned the vision of JWA Architects into a reality by providing a custom and compliant design to meet the project requirements.