UNEX removes the pain of compliance and brings peace of mind with its premium range of balustrade systems, installed by our nationwide network of Authorised Fabricators.

UNEX's Authorised Fabricator Network

Since 1981, UNEX’s products have been distributed throughout New Zealand via a network of companies that specialise in the fabrication and installation of aluminium profiles. These companies are referred to as our authorised fabricators.

UNEX provides our authorised fabricators with comprehensive technical manuals, to enable them to provide a compliant and quality assured finished product.

The role of the authorised fabricators in the supply chain is multi-faceted: they liaise with the customer about their requirements, provide quotes, measure the site accurately, and fabricate and install.

Looking for a beautiful, safe and compliant balustrade to be installed at your home?

We work through a nationwide network of authorised fabricators who are trained to supply and install UNEX Balustrades, Handrails and Pool Fences. Please contact a fabricator located within your area, listed below.

      Ascot Framed Balustrade

      Safa-Slat Balustrade

      Camden Framed Glass Balustrade

      glass balustrade

      Vetro Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade

      Pool Barriers

      Windsor Framed Balustrade

      Windsor Framed Balustrade

      Siena Framed Glass Balustrade

      Siena Framed Glass Balustrade

      Surreal Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade

      Arena Points Frameless Glass Balustrade

      Wilton Framed Balustrade

      Avon Framed Glass Balustrade

      Framed Glass Balustrade

      Spectra Framed Glass Balustrade

      Frameless Glass Balustrade

      Postless Fin Style Balustrade

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