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Ready to elevate your project with custom-engineered solutions? Complete the form below and submit your plans to our Engineering and Compliance Team. We’re eager to collaborate with you, ensuring that your balustrades and screens not only meet your exact requirements but exceed your expectations.

This is the update and improved form for capturing site-specific requests. Created 2 February 2024.

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Wind zone for buildings more than three storeys high, please attach site-specific windspeed report by engineer
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If the substrate is concrete, please advise the concrete MPa
If the balustrade is on a stairway, is there a minimum stairway width required in the fire design?
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Is the balustrade or fence preventing access to a swimming pool?
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Design Files & Terms for Consideration

Design Files for Consideration

Please do not attach a full or comprehensive set of plans, although it may possibly be required at a later stage. Please attach the following items:

  • a. One or two pages illustrating the general scope of the project.

  • b. A detail of the substrate where the balustrade attaches (preferably at a scale of not less than 1:5). If there is more than one substrate type, please attach a detail of each.

  • c. If the building is over three storeys high or requires special wind design, please attach a wind design report by your engineer.

Drop files here or
Max. file size: 10 MB, Max. files: 3.

    Design Files & Terms for Consideration

    Terms & Conditions

    • a. There may be a fee involved to provide the custom PS1 & Specification If there is, Unex Systems will advise the cost and await further instruction.

    • b. The lead time can vary depending on a number of factors. Unex Systems will respond to your application and advise an approximate lead time. Should there be a specific deadline or degree of urgency required, this can be discussed in due course.

    • c. The PS1 would only cover clause B1 (Structure), NZBC. It does not cover B2 (Durability), although we can supply a general expert Durability Appraisal in respect of B2.

    • d. During the design process, we would supply draft drawings for your review. If at this stage we cannot agree on a finalised design, the arrangement can be canceled by either party, and the cost would be reduced by 50% and payment received over this amount will be refunded. We consider this event to be very unlikely.

    • e. If for any reason this design commenced and we were unable to find a structurally workable solution, Unex Systems has the right to cancel the arrangement. In this event any payment received would be completely refunded. We consider this event to be very unlikely.

    • f. If/where there is a concrete substrate that the balustrade attaches to, it is your responsibility to check if the balustrade fixings are likely to clash with the steel reinforcing and advise us accordingly.

    • g. Our design covers the balustrade and the balustrade’s attachment to the substrate. However, it does not cover the structural adequacy of the substrate itself to take the design loads transferred from the balustrade. We recommend the building engineer is engaged to design this aspect.

    • h. The engineering certification would be a PS1, for a Low-Medium Risk certified engineer.

    • i. Should a PS2 for Design Peer Review and/or a PS4 for the completed installation be required, this is not included in this proposal.

    • j. The balustrade/design is deemed for New Zealand jurisdiction only. Any matter or dispute arising shall be governed by New Zealand Law and resolved by New Zealand Courts.

    I have read and understood the Design Process, Conditions, and Notes above:
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