UNEX aims to make specification and fabrication easier.
Quickly need assembly specifications or a PS1? What about a fully detailed list of materials, components, cutting sheets, balustrade layout, 3D render, and price quotation?

UNEX wants to make the job of specifying as easy as possible. To help with this you can use our Ezispec and Ezirail systems to roughly price up and design your balustrade system.

Just need a PS1 and assembly specifications and fixing drawings?
Then use Ezispec.

Interested in using our online quoting and material calculation system complete with cutting dimensions?
Then use Ezirail.

Professional Quoting and Specification For Free

Contact UNEX today for quote and we can put you in touch with your nearest fabricator.

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  • *Note: If an Auckland AC2343 glazing form is required, please email us.