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Colour one’s view

We don't want to tell you which colour is the right one to complement your home's scheme, but we make sure we have every colour, finish and texture available in the market. Whether you are looking to make a statement with contract or blend in with complimentary; the number of paint colour choices and finishes available for homes in today's market, UNEX balustrades work with painted wood, raw timber, concrete or brick if needed.
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How to care for and maintain your balustrades

Even though UNEX balustrades are built out of high quality aluminium and toughened glass in order to withstand the worst conditions, to prolong the life of you balustrades we suggest a few key steps in order to make sure the life or your balustrades well exceed the 10-year warranty included with every UNEX balustrade system. We stand behind our product so you can continue to stand behind it as well.

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