UNEX Balustrade for Ockham Aalto

Aalto: A Morningside Gem Enriched by UNEX Craftsmanship

For the design team at Ockham Residential, it was crucial to find high-quality balustrade options that would not only enhance the building's aesthetics but also preserve the unobstructed views that make Aalto so special.


Nestled in the heart of the sought-after Morningside neighborhood, Aalto stands as a bespoke boutique project that epitomizes sustainable living and contemporary design. A haven for nature enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike, this architectural gem blends seamlessly with its lush green surroundings, offering discerning residents a tranquil retreat in the bustling city. From its eco-conscious interiors to its thoughtfully designed exteriors, Aalto is a testament to the careful craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets it apart from conventional residential complexes.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Finnish designer Alvar Aalto, the architects behind Aalto envisioned a modern brick building adorned with greenery-lined borders. However, one standout feature that truly distinguishes Aalto from its peers is the breathtaking panoramic views of Auckland that grace its rooftop terrace, giving residents a unique and coveted perspective of the city's skyline.

The Art of Balustrade: Elevating the Aalto Experience with UNEX

For the design team at Ockham Residential, it was crucial to find high-quality balustrade options that would not only enhance the building's aesthetics but also preserve the unobstructed views that make Aalto so special. In this pursuit, they turned to UNEX, renowned for its craftsmanship and commitment to delivering innovative and stylish solutions.

The Hampton aluminium framed balustrade from UNEX was an immediate frontrunner. Celebrated for its minimalist design, premium materials, and enduring quality, the Hampton balustrade in trendy Dulux Black effortlessly elevated the building's appearance with its sleek profiles.

Over 276LM of balustrade was expertly installed, featuring UNEX's signature fin-style finishes, effectively bringing the exterior to life with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Challenges Faced: Juliette Balconies Solution

One additional challenge faced during the construction of Aalto was the Juliette balconies. These unique features required a balustrade solution that could span over 3.0m without intermediate support, have a similar visual appearance to the other balustrades, and securely attach only at the ends through a brick façade.

UNEX rose to the occasion, showcasing their expertise in design and engineering by crafting a tailored solution that met all the required criteria with finesse and precision.

Versatility Meets Imagination: UNEX's Engineering Prowess

The collaboration between UNEX and Ockham Residential was not just about balustrades; it showcased UNEX's design and engineering prowess.

The team demonstrated how the Hampton balustrade could be adapted to suit various aspects of the building, including curved decks and wrap-around finishes, seamlessly integrating with the unique architecture of Aalto. This adaptability allowed the balustrades to follow the gentle curves of the building's sides, resulting in a softened and harmonious aesthetic.

Beyond Balustrades: UNEX's Signature Custom Pergolas

UNEX's craftsmanship extended beyond balustrades for Aalto, exemplified by the custom pergolas engineered and installed on the roof terraces. Showcasing UNEX's dedication to providing versatile solutions, these pergolas not only added a touch of style but also enhanced the overall communal experience of the building's social areas, creating an inviting and timeless space for residents to come together and connect.

Enhancing Elegance: Vetro Semi-Frameless Glass

To further elevate the aesthetics of the roof terrace, UNEX incorporated Vetro semi-frameless glass, adding a touch of classic and trendy sophistication. This choice not only enhanced the social nature of Aalto's community space but also underscored UNEX's commitment to providing premium, eye-catching, and durable balcony finishes that leave a lasting impression.

Signature Character and Timeless Polish

With UNEX's impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, Aalto received the perfect finishing touches that endowed the building with a signature character, enhancing its overall value and quality. The seamless blend of UNEX's balustrades, pergolas, and glass finishes transformed Aalto into a unique masterpiece that stands as a testament to the power of exceptional craftsmanship in architectural design.,

Conclusion: UNEX Transforms Aalto into a Timeless Masterpiece

Aalto's story is one of visionary architecture, sustainable living, and exceptional craftsmanship brought to life by the expert touch of UNEX. By seamlessly integrating high-quality balustrades, custom pergolas, and timeless glass finishes, UNEX elevated Aalto to new heights, providing residents with an unparalleled living experience.

From preserving unobstructed views to adding signature touches of elegance, UNEX's craftsmanship proves that even the simplest elements, such as balustrades, can elevate the look and feel of a building design, creating timeless masterpieces that stand out in the urban landscape.

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