Product showcase: Fusing modern aesthetics with UNEX Finline balustrade at The Arches, Mission Bay

When it comes to stunning, luxury waterfront properties, completing key outdoor fixtures is of the utmost importance for fully enhancing the overall aesthetic of exteriors to complete the look.

With its eye-catching Mediterranean Style and neutral, refreshing colour palette, The Arches three-storey apartment complex in Mission Bay, Auckland, features a stunning courtyard and beautifully curved decks.

The courtyard especially creates a unique style for this block, serving as the heart of the full design - creating an undeniable feeling of community underpinned by strategically placed greenery.

Wanting to fully optimise the final features of The Arches, the property's owners called on the architects from Archaus for balustrade solutions for balconies and decks to improve safety while still contributing to a fresh, modern design.

What was needed was unobtrusive features that would match and enhance the building’s layout, providing secure solutions that seamlessly adapt to their environment - while also still providing ample opportunity to enjoy views from this complex.

Archaus architects knew that only the best providers in New Zealand would suit this project, and got in touch with the team at UNEX for beautiful balustrade options that would be feasible for the envisioned project while also adhering to the style that their clients were looking for.

Together with the Archaus team and the build team from CMP Construction, UNEX designed a custom balustrading system to fit the unique features of The Arches, ensuring a perfect fit before the installation took place.

UNEX’s designers worked with the architect to produce site-specific PS1s for various fixing specs, including curved areas that could have proved challenging. However, the UNEX consistently think “outside the square” and easily created a solution.

The foundation of UNEX is its engineering, and our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every structural component of a UNEX balustrade complies with or exceeds the requirements of the NZ Building Code.

From the outset, the UNEX team knew that the Finline Postless balustrading system would be a perfect fit for what The Arches’ owners were looking for.

Over and above adhering to New Zealand safety standards for buildings, Finline was specifically created to have a stable design while removing vertical post designs, making it easy to set up a final look with a slim profile and continuous fins.

This signature look with a style that resembles a grill or comb perfectly suits modern designs, which is also why it is one of the more popular options from the UNEX portfolio. Therefore, choosing Finline especially was an easy decision - it had a look that would beautifully complete The Arches.

The final product was a success - delivering both on client expectations as well as impressing the property market in one of the most beautiful settings in New Zealand.

For more information on Site Specific Designs give the team a call at 0800 333 777.

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