A UNEX glass balustrade to enhance the impressive see views of this Wellington residence

When it comes to beautiful, luxury beachfront properties, only the best will do for external finishes. Especially when premium materials suited for seaside climates are needed to ensure that they retain their perfectly polished looks.

The project

The job at hand called for various decks on multiple levels to be decked out with balustrade, integrated gates, and handrails.

Supreme Balustrades, one of our approved authorised fabricators, was approached by the Wellington homeowner who was looking for a high-end balustrade product.

Siena glass balustrade was chosen to enhance the way in which this house provides the perfect transitional space between ocean and land, while sitting gracefully on a high-profile site.

Exceptional results achieved

Working closely with the builder and the homeowner, the materials chosen were glass and aluminium UNEX balustrade for the decks and stairs as well as around the pool deck. These materials were especially chosen for their durability factor and strength, as well as their cost-effectiveness when compared with other outdoor materials.

These glass balustrades were installed in accordance with pool fence regulations - something that UNEX always aspires too, as we put a high value on installing materials that are in line with building specifications and ensuring full compliance with the New Zealand Building Code.

This also gives our clients the peace of mind that they need that all builds are above board.

Supreme Balustrades installed UNEX gates with a top pull pool gate latch, a self-engaging moulded polymer magnetic latch for framed pool gates which offers no resistance to the self-closing mechanism.

UNEX balustrade product can easily integrate between styles; baluster infill balustrade was added to the decks facing away from the ocean. Ascot balustrades bring that extra wow factor to every project, as they have a minimalist look that is still classic and timeless, giving the overall residence revamp a polished and completed feel.

The owners of this dwelling can enjoy beautiful views of the ocean and surroundings, while still having that feeling of a little bit of privacy. The final look is one that speaks of elegance and sophistication, beautifully matching the character of this beachfront luxury home.

Would you love a similar high-end balustrade solution for your home in Wellington? Give Supreme Balustrades a call on (04) 939 3645 to schedule a consultation, or visit their website to get in touch.

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