UNEX’s Innovation Shines at Ryman Linda Jones Retirement Village

In the ever-evolving landscape of the construction and design industry, UNEX stands at the forefront, embracing change through innovative product development and a commitment to diverse projects and clients. A testament to this adaptive spirit can be found in the Ryman Linda Jones Retirement Village, nestled along the tranquil River Road in Hamilton.

This retirement village, offering a spectrum of living options from apartments to townhouses, and specialized care units including rest home, hospital, and dementia care, posed a unique set of challenges. UNEX, however, rose to the occasion with a blend of creativity and functionality.

One notable showcase of UNEX's adaptability is the custom-designed dementia fence, a crucial element for the well-being and safety of residents. The fence features a glass overhang, providing both security and a visually open environment. This bespoke solution reflects UNEX's dedication to creating products that meet the specific needs of diverse clients.

Additionally, the use of UNEX Windsor Framed Balustrade to Decks showcases the versatility and aesthetic appeal of UNEX products. The beautifully adapted Windsor design, complete with a corner motif, adds a touch of elegance to the outdoor spaces, harmonizing with the serene surroundings of Ryman Linda Jones Retirement Village.

UNEX's involvement in this project exemplifies a commitment to excellence, where each product is carefully tailored to not only meet industry standards but also exceed the expectations of clients. As Ryman Linda Jones Retirement Village continues to be a haven for residents seeking a comfortable and secure living environment, UNEX's innovative solutions stand as a testament to the company's ability to adapt and thrive in a changing industry.

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