Unex Balustrade at Modal Apartments

Elegance in Architecture: UNEX Balustrades at Modal Apartments

Discover elegance redefined at Modal Apartments in Mount Albert, Auckland. UNEX balustrades, including Finline and bespoke designs, add a modern touch to the award-winning building's sleek aesthetics. 


In the heart of Mount Albert, Auckland, Modal Apartments stands as a beacon of contemporary living, redefining apartment aesthetics with its sensuous curves and sleek design. The collaboration between Ockham Residential and UNEX has resulted in an award-winning development that not only captivates with its shiny black brick exterior but also showcases the modern clean lines of UNEX balustrading.

Striking Visual Harmony

The choice of UNEX Finline Balustrade for Modal Apartments proves to be a visual masterpiece against the dark glazed exterior of the building. The modern clean lines complement the overall aesthetic, creating a striking visual harmony. UNEX's commitment to design excellence aligns seamlessly with Modal's innovative approach to apartment living.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Spaces

UNEX's involvement extends beyond the Finline Balustrade, with bespoke Fence and Gates Finline Balustrade and Ascot Balustrade for internal stairs. This bespoke approach ensures that every aspect of Modal Apartments is adorned with UNEX's signature blend of functionality and style.

Award-Winning Excellence

The recognition as the winner of the Property Industry Awards - Multi-Unit Residential Property Award 2022 is a testament to the success of Modal Apartments. The fusion of Ockham Residential's vision and UNEX's expertise has created a living space that goes beyond the ordinary, setting new standards in multi-unit residential developments.

In conclusion, Modal Apartments stands as an architectural gem, where the UNEX balustrades play a pivotal role in enhancing the visual allure of the building. As residents experience the quality and innovation put into every detail, Modal Apartments becomes not just a place to live but a statement of modern living at its finest.